in love, Moana.

We spend our days searching, becoming lost on our path- sometimes creating our own voids that leave us desperate to fill. For all the times I neglected to search within, bound by conditioned beliefs- I offer my deepest truth knowing that others will be liberated.  When we realize the power of truth and perspective, we can heal from our past, learn on our path, and evolve towards a promised future.  


LOVE is pure, and in any form, is liberating-

to feel, unapologetically- without boundaries, expectation or reason.  I LOVE a man and he has captured my soul with honesty- in truth. Desiring him out of admiration to learn more of who he truly was the foundation. To LOVE a King, is to know his journey, embrace his calling and protect his vision.  In my devotion to him, he has saved me- in reminding me how pure and sacred I am. This kind of LOVE can only come from GOD-

THIS, I am sure of; therefore,

this is the only man that I LOVE.

                           -S. MOANA 

dear love,

Through time and distance, you taught me that without sacrifice + without love,  life has no meaning.  Passion only provided the path- feeling incomplete without you, motivated me to grow and become who I needed to be.  

I have loved you without fear, openly, unashamed- how majestic it is that

I am a better human because of you.  You inspired me to show up in the World, and I finally could- knowing I would never be alone again.  You complete me, in the way that honors my soul and I am humbled by your love.  In truth, you have led my spirit to grow and encouraged my heart to heal.  I am forever grateful for the love that carries us, 

enduring, withstanding- all time and space.

forever indebted.

forever yours.

p.s. I survived because you needed me too.

                                                   -S. Moana