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Pola Rock Inc. was established in honor of my grandfather,

Fa'asasalu Sei Pola- his warrior spirit  and service 

towards restoring family, community and humanity lives in my heart  forever.

Shay Moana Polamalu, CEO 


The integration of psychology, healing + culture,

inspired by genius innovator, artist, activist + mogul, Nipsey Hussle.

“Oceanviews”, is a worldview philosophy + culturally rooted lifestyle designed to foster education + provide authentic grounding perspective in innovative ways to predominate, empower and conquer bias systems.  


The “VL Design Suite” expresses “Oceanviews”, a worldview philosophy within a creative space that cleanses, connects + cultivates healthy relationships towards

3 authentic purposes: 


Impact: Cultural Substance

Creativity: Intimate Design

Conceptualization: Intentional Value

Our collective services provide healing scripts that are centered in life evolution

+ cultural integration that revive, restore + restyle the complete being.


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vl design suites

Moana 360

wholeness + wellness

innovation + collaboration

tribe vibes

Hussle 43ver

community + sustainability 

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