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         Born in a broken World, into a system built on false history, within a cycle of generational trauma- to have lived without owning my story would be tragic.  As history was beginning to unfold, with the the possibilities of repeating- I foresaw the consequences of my sons not knowing the truth, both past + present.  Conscious in the return of the Golden Age, saving their future, clearing the smoke + removing the mirrors that idolized opposition birthed my purpose.  I AM a first generation seed, birthed from an immigrant who traveled across the sea, leaving behind a life of prominence, trusting in the promises of an American Education.  In my life experiences, the stigmas learned + perpetuated about cultural influences were disconnected from the core principles that sustained the foundation my ancestors built through community.  


        Growing up in Western European culture, while being raised under "Baptist" denomination, I lived a burdened role in the "Black Church", cohering to traditions that weakened the family structure. I was introduced to the idea of Jesus Christ in the church, but mostly, I learned the business + politics of influence.  Leaving the "Church", remaining true in honoring self, protecting my disheartened spirit in separating from the organized framework, was all by God's design-  although implied otherwise in the aftermath of disillusion.  On the surface, my pivotal life-changing moments have seemingly portrayed a neglect, contrary, my destiny has always resisted conforming to unprogressive patterns of egocentric behaviors.  


         Emancipated through the profound words of the late + Great Nipsey Hussle:

"They say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation;

Well, who would you want to define you?  Someone else or yourself"


I welcome you as I unveil valuable life lessons, recount the layers that shaped me,

                 embrace the pain that graced me + redefine the trajectory of my life while on this Marathon!

Pola Rock Inc. was established in honor of my grandfather,

Fa'asasalu Sei Pola

an unsung hero who planted the foundational seed that would breed generations of beautiful souls. 

May his warrior spirit and service towards restoring family, community and humanity live in our hearts forever.

                                                                   S. Moana Polamalu